At Zombster, we ship smaller items using Australia Post's Express 500g Satchels. For this reason, it is beneficial to combine orders to save on shipping. For example, if you ordered 3 volumes of manga we are able to bulk these together so they end up costing $12 for shipping instead of $30. Also, the maximum you will be charged for freight is $20, regardless of the size of the order.

For oversized items, such as model kits and figures, we may use Australia Post's Registered Parcels for delivery. These are trackable, but may incur shipping delays. All packages should arrive within seven business days of payment.

Freight Schedule

Minimum freight per order: $10
Maximum freight per order: $20

Determining Freight

While browsing the website you will notice a "Freight" component connected with each item. This allows us to calculate freight cost and help you save on freight costs. If the total value of freight is below $10, you will be charged the full $10 for freight. However, if this amount is between $10 and $20, you will be charged that amount. Any amount exceeding $20 will be capped at $20, within reason.